To know us is to trust us. Why should you take OUR word for it? Your St. Pete neighbors have taken the time to share their Poolseye experiences through online reviews. Read below for first hand feedback on who we are and how we conduct business. We are humbled that our reputation among the community is that of integrity.
Poolseye is absolutely amazing! Of all the services we have for our home (lawn, pool, fertilizer, etc), Poolseye is the one that we never have to micromanage or wonder when they are showing up. I could practically set my clock to them! Not only are they consistent, but they are thorough and take care of our investment like it were their own. I could not recommend Poolseye enough!

Lynnette J.

As a first time pool owner, I needed a pool service company who was knowledgeable, trustworthy, fairly priced and patient as I learned the ins and outs of my pool's care. I also wanted a company that took the time and effort to make sure I understood the operation of my pool equipment but at the same time enabling a worry-free comfort level that my pool is being well-maintained and cared for. Poolseye has EXCEEDED EVERY EXPECTATION of how a pool service company should treat its clients. Derek, Jessica and the entire team are professional, friendly, and committed to making sure my pool needs are met with 5-star service.

Leslie S.

I just started recently with Poolseye and my only regret is that I didn't find them sooner! Derek has been more than accommodating and the level of care and time that they take is unlike anything I have seen. We were struggling with several pool companies prior and were just miserable and felt completely taken advantage of. This business is more than legit in regards to their level of both professionalism and care. I highly recommend anybody who is searching for a reputable pool company to consider highly consider Poolseye. Thank you Derek and Team!

Molly G.

From the very first interaction Poolseye has been amazing! Derek and Jessica are kind, quick to respond and answer any questions. We started the service when we were out of town and came back to the pool looking the best it ever has! David is our technician who I was able to meet for the first time today. He immediately asked if I had any questions or needed anything, super friendly. Absolutely loving this team :)

Jennifer P.

If you want a healthy peace of mind, knowledgeable, smooth execution, patient + kind folks with immense integrity that you can trust, please let this review diminish any hesitation…. Stop your search. Call Poolseye. We called and spoke with 4 other local companies before going with our gut and moving forward with Poolseye. Derek was incredibly thorough and kind when I initially called to ask questions, express my fears, and address my unusual schedule restrictions- a 20 minute long phone call 🤯 Then came my interactions with Jessica, who continually goes above and beyond to answer questions I probably could easily google myself- and even sends video links to ensure that I am fully informed- ALWAYS in a timely manner. (Bless you) We get a “report card” of our pool levels, a picture and name of the tech who came out to service us (it hardly changes, by the way), what’s needed + what’s done, and if they think anything is up, they let us know asap and help to steer us in the right direction. Truly a painless process, and we are so excited and relieved to continue our service with an incredible group of people for as long as we have a pool!

Sierra H.

Was referred to Derek of Poolseye by Erik of Chlorine King Pools. Erik had replaced our filter and pump and was so friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating that I knew if I asked him for a referral to a pool cleaning service, I could trust that it would be a good one. Well, it's a great one. Derek of Poolseye is just as friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating as Erik--which means I'm doubly lucky knowing my pool is in quite capable hands. My husband and I had been taking care of the pool on our own for the past year, but we just couldn't get rid of some icky algae no matter how many trips to the pool supply store we made. Derek could tell I was frustrated with the algae and just wanted it gone once and for all, so he fit our pool into his schedule ASAP and took care of a problem we hadn't been able to. We're SO relieved! We can finally enjoy our pool again algae-free! On top of that, his cleaning and maintenance is thorough. Really, your pool will sparkle! If you're looking for a friendly, knowledgeable pool service, I highly recommend Poolseye.

Gabrielle L.

We switched to Poolseye a few months ago after an unsatisfactory experience with another pool company. Derek is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He and Jessica have always provided us with quick, helpful responses and have taken the time to answer our many questions regarding our pool and pool equipment. In addition to fixing problems that went unnoticed by our previous pool company, he has also suggested and installed upgrades that have greatly improved our pool. Poolseye has provided us with excellent customer service. There have been several weeks where Derek has been at our property multiple times if the weather has been an issue or if the water chemistry has needed extra attention. We researched several companies in the area before switching to Poolseye and are beyond happy with our choice. The full service is well worth the cost. Our pool is always sparkling clean and has never looked better! If you are looking for a trustworthy pool company that will take care of your pool as if it is their own, call Poolseye.

Abbey K.

If you want the most professional, tech friendly attentive pool service in St Pete then look no further than Derek and Jessica @ Poolseye. I included a sample of the kind of weekly watermarked and time stamped photo you can expect after each visit...which I love!

Rob T.

After moving to a new home and learning that the previous pool company was not doing a good job, I did thorough investigating on other pool companies and Poolseye was the winner! And after meeting the owner Derek when he came to give the estimate, we knew right away he was knowledgeable and this company was going to be a good fit for us and our pool. We were right! And his wife Jessica is nice as pie, organized and calls or texts you back very quickly. Also, Leslie's pool supply said Derek is the best and Poolseye is who they recommend customers use. We would recommend Poolseye to everyone!

Amy C.

A ++++++ Was with another large pool service company and was not satisfied. Since switching to Pools Eye my pool has NEVER looked better. Derek is fantastic - very communicative and responsive. Highly recommend without reservation.

Stacey L.

I can’t say enough good things about Derek, Jessica and the team at Poolseye. They are good at what they do, friendly, on time, helpful and available whenever you may need them. They provide tremendous value for the service they provide at a great price. If you need anything done to your pool I would give them a call and you won’t have to worry about your pool at all moving forward. They keep you in the loop and informed as to what’s happening and provide a great peace of mind. Again, they are the best!

Rob B.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Derek and Jess at Poolseye and I can say they are nothing short of amazing. They are some of the most tentative, hardworking, wholesome people I have met. I can’t say enough about them but I can say if you feel like you’re getting jipped on pool service, you likely are. If you want a true professional they are the ones to call!

Danielle L.

Recently started with Poolseye, and it has been fantastic! Derek and Jessica are true professionals and the quality of work is second to none. Convenient communication through text and email, they always follow up with a report after the work is done, and go above and beyond in providing exceptional service. I highly recommend Poolseye! Thank you for everything Derek and Jessica!!

Ryan A.

Derek is Awesome! He was servicing our neighbor's pool today, and my husband actually went over to ask him a question about our own pool. Derek took the time to come over, evaluate and offer suggestions and recommendations! He is totally professional and personable, and we would highly recommend him and his company!

Kimberly R.

POOLSEYE helped my grandmother maintain her pool! Derek was so patient and respectful. He made the maintenance easy to understand and answered any questions that we had. He was always professional and on time. He gave us the peace of mind that my grandmother would be in good hands. We highly recommend them!

Jen Z.

Derek has been maintaining our pool for over a month now and what a difference. I had no idea what I was doing but refused to get a pool service. lessons learned and poolseye to the rescue. Derek turned our pool around and made the pool a relaxing retreat for me and my family to enjoy.

Scott P.

Poolseye and specifically Derek have been great to work with. He has kept our pool in perfect order, responsive and incredibly attentive. The email update after the weekly service is a huge plus, includes all chemical status, time stamp with picture of the pool. I recommend Derek for all of your pool maintenance needs.

Gregg T.

Highly recommend Poolseye. Derek always does a tremendous job and is extremely knowledgeable with the chemicals and achieving the proper PH balance of the pool. Great service!

Tommy J.

Best pool service I have ever experienced. Derek Kuda and PoolsEye is amazing, on time, professional and really takes care of our pool. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Scott M.

Derek has always been extremely punctual and personable. He never minds talking to me and answering any questions my wife or I have. I like the email report after each visit as well as the time stamped photo. I would gladly recommend anyone in need of pool work to call Derek!!

James T.

Derek is extremely professional and knowledgable. He advised me regarding best vacuum to purchase and assisted in activating it. They send an email report with pictures and time stamps weekly. Couldn't be happier with the level of service!

Stacy A.

I’ve worked with Derek of Poolseye on several projects and not only does he do great work he also follows through with everything as he says. Which is a rarity in the service industry these days. You owe it to yourself to give Poolseye a call.

Erik T. of Chlorine King Pool Service

I can’t say enough about Derek and Jessica! They are always on schedule and extremely responsive to all communication. Our salt cell stopped working about a week ago. Derek diagnosed the problem and tried everything to fix it. When we realized it was at the end of its life - he had a new one picked up and installed the next day. They go out of their way to accommodate every scheduling request we have. They use all of their own equipment - vacuum, brush, nets, etc. We had another company that would use our equipment to clean the pool...They don't dump the leaves or debris from the baskets anywhere on your property. It all goes with them when they leave in their own vacuum system. The best part is - we don’t have to do anything with our pool anymore except enjoy it! I would highly recommend Poolseye for all your pool needs. They’re the best!

Jennifer M.