Premium Pool Cleaning Services

We take pride in our in-ground swimming pool cleaning services. Maintaining the ideal water chemistry in your pool is no easy task. Leave that time consuming chore to our staff who are well trained and take pride in their craft. We offer only one level of service, and that’s FULL service every single week.

Weekly Premium Pool Care

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*in-ground pools only. The cost of basic chemicals are included with this package.

What we do for you

  • Test and balance your pool water
  • Empty your skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean/Backwash your filter on a regular basis
  • Verify your automatic pool operation
  • Vacuum your pool at every visit
  • Brush your pool (walls/tile/steps)
  • Net your pool
  • Check your pool equipment
  • Keep your water healthy
  • Monitor your pool operations
  • Report your water level
  • Digital communication sent after each visit

What you need to do

  • Maintain proper water level
  • Keep your pool equipment operating
  • Approve repairs as needed
  • Report any issues with your pool

Residential Pool Cleaning Service and Licensed Pool Repair in:

  • Saint Petersburg
  • St. Pete Beach
  • Shore Acres
  • Placido Bayou
  • Tierra Verde
  • Pass-a-Grille Beach
  • Gulfport
  • Shore Acres
  • Pinellas Point
  • South Pasadena
  • + More in Pinellas County!

Pool Equipment Services

Pool equipment repair is a crucial aspect of maintaining the optimal functionality of your swimming pool. Over time, elements such as the pump, heater, filter, or pool lighting system may develop issues due to wear and tear, environmental factors, or improper use. Pool equipment repair involves diagnosing the problem, be it leaks, mechanical failure, or electrical issues, and then implementing a suitable solution. This might entail replacing broken parts, fixing leaks, or even upgrading outdated equipment. It’s crucial to entrust this task to licensed and experienced professionals who have the expertise to handle the complexity of pool equipment, ensuring your pool remains safe, clean, and enjoyable.

Pool Equipment Repair & Installation

Equipment Repairs & Installs

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a one-time service option

What we do for you

Whether it’s a leaking pump, a malfunctioning salt system, or a faulty filter, our licensed and experienced team is ready to step in and swiftly resolve the problem.

We take pride in our ability to diagnose, fix, and install various pool equipment issues efficiently and effectively, minimizing your pool’s downtime. By choosing Poolseye’s one-time repair service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool equipment will be repaired to the highest standards, ensuring a safe, clean, and delightful swimming experience.

Filter Cleaning

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a one-time service option

What we do for you

An optimally performing filtration system on a pool is crucial to keep the water safe and clean and the whole system running at its peak performance. Depending on your filter type, it may require a routine breakdown and cleaning.

This thorough service includes taking the filter apart, checking for issues, deep cleaning, performing necessary maintenance unique to your filter type, identifying compromised components and quoting their replacement, and putting the filter back together.

We service these types of filters:
• Cartridge
• D.E.