Is a pool service worth it?

A pool service saves you time and money while reducing your stress. Maintaining a pool can be tedious work. Unless you enjoy the science behind maintaining your pool, or due to financial reasons, having a professional pool service could very well be the best decision you can make in regards to your pool. Your time is way more valuable than the cost of service. Think of the extra quality time to spend with family. Less stress, fewer headaches, fewer details, more fun. Take a quick look at our packages to see what is best for you!

Is price the most important factor when considering a pool service company?

Absolutely Not. You know how the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” right? In other words, “cheaper isn’t always better”. For example, you might get a cheaper price from someone who is trying to break into the industry but they don’t have the experience. Because of this, they can’t warrant charging higher prices so they go cheap to get business. The risk is that their inexperience in proper pool maintenance can end up costing you dearly. Here are the questions you should be asking potential pool service companies before you begin price comparisons. •Are they a State Licensed Contractor? Poolseye is a Licensed Pool and Spa Contractor, License # CPC1459394. If you are having any new equipment installed, repaired, or replacing any existing equipment, renovating your pool and/or deck, it is very important to hire a licensed company. Make sure whoever you choose is licensed. You can verify that information here: •Are they certified pool and spa operators (CPO) through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)? •Do they have a high level of customer service (i.e. easy to contact & responsive to your needs)? If you can find multiple pool service companies bearing the criteria above, then call them all for a free estimate. At this point you’re comparing apples to apples and it’s okay to compare prices. Contact us today so we can help you!

How often will you service my pool?

Weekly. We hold our properties to such a high standard, that we absolutely must perform every maintenance task, every week. This ensures your pool stays in tip top shape. If you need your pool cleaned before a certain day (for a pool party or other special occasion) we will do our very best to accommodate you!

Is your staff qualified?

Yes! We take training, knowledge and continued education seriously. Each team member is more qualified than the majority of the competition. POOLSEYE is a state Licensed Certified Pool and Spa Contractor which enables us to repair and install pool equipment should the need ever arise. Being worthy of your trust is one of our most valuable intangible assets we are able to earn from you. Rest assured that we wouldn’t put anybody in your backyard that we wouldn’t invite into our own home – each team member must pass a background check.

Are there extra costs that are not covered in the monthly service?

Our weekly maintenance visits include the testing of your pool water, administering of basic chemicals, emptying of pump and skimmer baskets, brushing of the pool, skimming the water’s surface and vacuuming debris out with our commercial grade vacuum system. Additionally, routine filter cleanings and salt cell inspections and cleanings are included in the monthly rate. Some services that may cost extra are: (1) DE filter breakdowns recommended annually and is charged as an add on service and (2) cleanup from major storms. We will give you a written estimate that requires your approval prior to rendering any services outside of the monthly cleaning service.

How quickly can you start on my pool?

This is a great question. Usually we are able to meet with you within 24 hours while 48 hours being the absolute longest in very rare cases. We very rarely have a delay of more than 2 business days before we can get started on any type of job you may have. Give us a shout so we can get the ball rolling!

Are chemicals included in your cleaning service?

Yes, basic chemicals are included in the monthly rate. Special treatments such as phosphate removers and metal sequestrants are not included and are considered a special treatment and not required at every pool. Once we go through your pool with a fine tooth comb the first handful of visits, we’ll get a good feel of your pool and equipment, and get everything dialed in. Should the need arise for a special treatment, we would bring that to your attention, explain our findings, and a course of action (including pricing). As long as you have POOLSEYE maintaining your pool, there is no need for you to purchase and/or store any kind of chemicals at your home. Everything is taken care of with the services we provide you.

Is it difficult to get in touch with you?

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on our unmatched communications plan. We always want to be readily accessible to you! If for any reason you are unable to get a hold of us right away, have no worries, we will return your call promptly. You can also text or email us at anytime and we will respond to you promptly. The majority of the time will be within a few hours, with the exception of the weekends. We encourage you to text and call for assistance – we’re always happy to help!

Are you a contract only based pool company?

No. We understand how contracts can scare people off. Because of that, we do not require contracts for our service. We want the quality of our service to keep you. We do require to have our clients e-sign a terms of service agreement (not a contract) because meeting your expectations is our number one priority. That is why we love our terms of service. It spells out our services and policies and you know exactly what services are covered so it really is a win-win. If you want to see a copy of the terms of service, just send us an email.

How will I know you serviced my pool? Do you leave a paper slip on my door?

As homeowners ourselves, we know first hand how frustrating it can be to pay for a service and not be 100% aware of if/when the service actually took place. We knew right away that as part of our commitment to provide quick, clear and easy communication to our customers, “digital door hangers” were the only way to go. Gone are the days of a hand written service ticket being blown around your yard, eaten by the dog or soaked in the rain. POOLSEYE will provide a date and time stamped digital service log of every visit, complete with WHO serviced your pool, chemical readings taken at your pool that day, a status of if/when it’s safe to swim, photo(s) of your pool and more! You will have this digital door hanger at your fingertips via email as soon as the service is completed.