The Secret to Keeping a Pulse on Your Swimming Pool

Have you ever wondered if the pool guy showed up when he said he would? Have you questioned whether your pool equipment is functioning like it should?

You know how it goes… you’re on your way home from a busy day at work and you think, “Was my pool cleaned today? I wonder if it’s safe to swim in my pool tonight.”

At POOLSEYE, one of our top priorities is being highly communicative with our busy customers.

Nobody has time to be chasing a paper service slip around the yard when the wind catches it and whisks it away into oblivion.

Or, you know, the classic game of, “I wonder if the dog ate this weeks service ticket?” And let’s be honest. There’s a chance there never was a service ticket left in the first place.

POOLSEYE provides an immediate digital door hanger right to your email address as soon as we’re finished servicing your pool.

Not only will you receive time stamped photos of your property after each service, but also important information such as how long to keep the kids out of the pool, notes about your equipment and other vital information to keep your pool in tip top condition.

Say goodbye to mystery pool service.

Forget chasing down that paper service ticket and rest easy knowing you’ll have immediate digital notification each time we leave your property. Keep a constant pulse on WHO is in your backyard, WHEN they’re there, and HOW your pool and equipment are doing. 

How will you spend your extra time now that you don’t have to chase down the pool guy each week? We hope it consists of relaxing in that beautiful pool of yours!


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